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The Best Email Marketing Strategy

In this age of digital revolution and short attention spans, email stands out as one of the best ways to send targeted messages and promotional content to your audience. An email is easy to craft and has enough impact to promote a business and attract new customers at the same time. It is for this reason that every organization ought to get in touch with an email marketing company like us to craft proper email campaigns.

Being an email marketing company in India, our arsenal of email marketing services encompasses, among others:


Promotional Emails

JumpUpper coordinates promotional email campaigns that lead to high open and conversion rates. We plan our campaigns extensively so as to include innovative and unique ideas that further improve the chances of a successful campaign. In this way, we create a buzz around your new products and services, while helping to promote your business to new customers and clients.

Bulk Emails

Bulk emails have, for a long time, stood out as one of the best ways to mass-promote your products and services. JumpUpper is a reputable bulk email service provider offering a spam-free, practical bulk emailing system that will bring customers to your doorstep.

Automated Emails

Automated emails open up your schedule so that you can concentrate on what’s important: running your business. JumpUpper provides this essential email marketing tool that sends occasional emails to your email subscribers. In this way, you keep them “tuned in” and increase the chances of recurrent purchases. Our automated workflow lets you send us the details of your campaign. After that, the emails are scheduled and sent out to the list of subscribers in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Here is what we provide in our email marketing services:

  • We help create and manage lists of your email subscribers.
  • We craft unique, attention-grabbing subject lines and email bodies to increase open rates and stimulate action from your subscribers.
  • We design dynamic and interactive emails and email campaigns.
  • We track and monitor the responses of all emails sent out to find out if the campaign is successful and tweak it if it is not.
  • We provide reports and analytics in addition to utilizing the latest technology to ensure you get maximum ROI.
  • All our mails are well thought out and spam-free.
  • Our scheduling system ensures the timely delivery of emails.
  • We offer affordable and customized packages depending on various factors, such as your subscriber numbers and the frequency of sending the emails.


Case Studies

Having delivered more than 450+ campaigns successfully, we know exactly what works and what does not for your website. We base our campaigns around objectives & results.

Two words from our clients

From Pre-Launch digital marketing programs to executing organic Search Engine campaigns & gearing up social media engagements, We have served ’em all.

10 Good Reasons To hire JumpUpper !!

  • Every business is unique & so is our marketing strategy.
  • You get to hire dedicated experts who follow latest algorithmic updates & trends to offer ethical and intelligent marketing services.
  • Practicing risk-free SEO is our forte. Our SEO experts don’t risk client’s website & so they strictly follow good SEO ethics while running the campaign.
  • As a top-notch SEO company based in India, we have worked with many clients worldwide including SMEs & Fortune 500 companies & helped them achieve a higher rate of growth than expected in sales through organic traffic.
  • Our SEO agency comprises a team of SEO experts who are certified inbound marketers and Google Digital & Ecommerce certified professionals.
  • We have experienced working with some enterprise level tools like Brightedge (From Salesforce), Visual website optimizer, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.
  • Our team of expert SEO consultants have helped many sites recover from Google penalties (Penguin & Panda hits)
  • From small to large businesses, we give everyone the same treatment – the best SEO service.
  • We don’t guarantee top rankings, nobody can. However, we assure improved organic traffic which is the ultimate purpose to hire SEO.
  • We’re not a novice agency or just a link building company, our SEO agency have a team of experienced SEO experts who’ve got a decade of experience in driving traffic & sales.

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